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Octavious Jones has developed multiple works of art involving magnets, sometimes in sand, initially in ice.


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Frozen Magnets

These first experiments with magnets in ice were inspired by Kelly Jazvac's discussion around "looking vs. seeing". Jones aims to provide anticipation for a delayed experience. The magnets are trying to meet; but are impeded by the ice. The project becomes a time based performance where viewers could experience the magnets finding each other through an unpredictable melting process.

Each of these melting magnet happenings are unique because Jones arranges these magnetic ice sculptures both indoors and out in the fresh air, using many shapes of ice which have been suspended on the wall as well as placed on top & around each other.


In this performance, Octavious is only the director. The actors are the temperature, the forms of ice, magnets and gravity. Outdoors, the magnets would not meet for months. Inside ice fell from the wall & magnets met after four hours.

Moving with ideas of Fluxus​, Octavious arranges the ice & magnets in various positions to ensure that the element of chance would play a role in the outcome. Spectators were forced to stay for the entire melting process in order to witness how the magnets would behave once released.

While in person events were postponed, Octavious Jones managed to share his work with ice & magnets through timelapse videos & a four hour zoom call performance.