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Acrylic Plexiglass

Octavious Jones has built multiple works of art with Acrylic Plexiglass.

Walk my Fish

Considering contrasting elements, Octavious built a boat of plexiglass in October of 2017. Jones put the transparent boat on three toy monster truck wheels. He poured water and placed five fish inside. A leash was attached to the bow so that the fish could be taken for a walk. 

The Fountain

Octavious created a fountain made of plexiglass and a copper pipe. This fountain was exhibited beside Amphibious Readymade Creatures as well as ink drawings done with toys at a group exhibition at Galerie Gham & Dafe  from April 17-29, 2019.  An essay about this art was commissioned.

Revolving Reflections

Experimenting with light, Octavious presented an interactive installation. Jones built plexiglass boxes and filled them with coloured liquids. On March 23, 2020.

 people were invited to pull the piece around in a circle, causing the light to travel though the plexiglass, controlling a moving shadow & reflection on the floor.

Keep me in a Daydream

Octavious cut and laser engraved Acrylic Plexiglass cards for magic tricks, built a cube creature that mysteriously follows the magician and a clear cellphone that triggered the Daydream