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Octavious Jones has been invited to show his art as part of numerous projects.

Here are some of the highlights.

Jones was recruited for a series of events at Bouclair's Galerie B in Griffintown curated by LNDMRK, . Octavious did a series of  live painting sessions where bystanders could see him working on several surfaces, including a bench, a lamp, pillows and an eight foot canvas. He also  built some of his signature Amphibious Readymade Creatures, which were  then exhibited from Nov. 27 - Dec. 27, 2021. 



Octavious Jones created Amphibious ReadyMade Footwear which was exhibited at multiple Sneakpeak events. He elevated his Jordans, Crocs & Vans by giving them the gift of reptile parts.


In collaboration with the Raw organization, Octavious was invited to exhibit his art at the Rialto Theatre on Sep. 10, 2019. Jones displayed paintings inspired by the movement of "Les Plasticiens" as well as the first of his Amphibious Readymade Creatures.


Octavious created a plexiglass fountain,  Amphibious Readymade Creatures as well as ink drawings done with toys for a group exhibition at Galerie Gham & Dafe  from April 17-29, 2019.  An essay about this art was commissioned.


Octavious exhibited a series of magnets frozen in ice at Concordia University, on February 20, 2020. The magnets started suspended separately.  As the ice melted, the people saw the magnets find each other. 


As part of the Bestrew Collective, Jones is currently planning an interactive installation involving magnets & sand that follow people's feet. Jones built plexiglass boxes and a wooden frame to demonstrate the idea.

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