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Behind the band at Luumi on Dec. 17, 2021, a Collab with Nathan Bayne was projected. Jones creates colourful digital paintings which are then animated by Bayne.

Curated by LNDMRK, Jones was recruited for a series of events at Galerie B in Griffintown . Octavious did a series of  live painting sessions where bystanders could see him working on several surfaces, including a bench, a lamp, pillows and an eight foot canvas. He also  built some of his signature Amphibious Readymade Creatures, which were  then exhibited from Nov. 27 - Dec. 27, 2021. 

Keep me in a Daydream

Inspired by Disney's The sorcerer's Apprentice (1940), Octavious collaborated with fellow film makers Julien Delannoy & Lucas Johnson in order create "Keep Me in a Daydream". This project was the reboot of previous short film that was written and direcetd by Octavious Jones; only to be tragically deleted and never seen. This re-imagination of Jones' vision is the sum of our team; Octavious built custom props,  Julien was a charismatic director, Lucas delivered precise post production and our actors performed perfectly.

Continuing his work with magnets, Octavious Jones collaborated with videographer Yohan Rebboh to demonstrate a vision for a  large scale interactive installation involving magnets & sand that follow people's feet. On the first floor there is metallic sand that sticks to people's feet, serving as distraction, inviting the people to play/dance. Up above there are moving magnets that mimic the people's path down below, leaving a drawing in the sand. Up the stairs, a person discovers that their feet were unknowingly impacting the installation.