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Commission Original Art

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Aside from the various events,  the art of Octavious Jones has been privately collected across North America. Jones has created custom paintings as well as Amphibious Readymade Creatures.  The commissioned art of Octavious Jones is colour coordinated to provide an elevated experience of the home.

Commission request form:

Thanks for applying to purchase my original Art! I will get back to you soon.

Lorsque j'ai demandé une pièce sur mesure à Octavious Jones, je ne savais pas à quel point j'allais être impliquée dans le processus. Octavious est un artiste qui est à l'écoute de sa clientèle et qui cherche à la satisfaire en l'impliquant dans le choix du canevas, la couleur de base de celui-ci et les couleurs d'accents. Lorsque vous décider de travailler avec Octavious vous payez non-seulement pour votre toile, mais aussi pour l'expérience et l'accompagnement du développement de celle-ci de A à Z

- Jasmine

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As seen on the Projects Page, Jones provides an eclectic experience. It would appear that the bulk of Jones' impact was made through public exhibitions; however, the truth is that Octavious is most heavily found in the form of a commissioned painting, hanging in somebody's home.

With paintings hanging in collections across North America, Jones provides a dynamic experience for every environment. An Octavious Jones painting cannot be experienced from a static position; the colours are coordinated to convince the viewer to move around it. The people become aware of the space and their body in relation to the colours of the painting. An acrylic painting by Octavious Jones offers the opportunity for people to reflect their individual experience. Continuing ideas expressed in "Ways of Seeing" by John Berger as well as "Interaction of Color" by Josef Albers, Jones paints precise yet chaotic compositions that act as a mirror.

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