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 Octavious Jones

Amphibious Mix n Match

Produced by:


Art Volt


CTC shops


Concordia Sculpture Department

Over the summer,  Art Volt offered an artist residency at Concordia.  Octavious Jones is one of three alumni given the opportunity to return to the Core Technical Centre Shops with a plan to complete an advanced artistic project.  


The residency concluded with an exhibition in Concordia's new gallery in the VA building from September 12-16, 2023.


The Plan

Octavious proposed a plan involving the next and most elaborate evolution of Amphibious Readymade Creatures.  This next generation is unique because the boats were carved by hand rather than working with readymade model ships. Another evolution in this project is the magnetic legs & tail. These new creatures will have the added feature of interchangeable body parts.  


Visitors were invited to interact with the art, swapping legs & tails as desired. The amphibious MIx n Match is a game created by Octavious to embrace the Wabi Sabi experience of existing. The art becomes a way to communicate adaptability and imagination. 

Meet The Creatures

The Exhibition:

 Residency Presented By:

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